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Full Stack workflow for developing vehicle HMI runtimes for transparent displays. Empowering OEM and Tier 1 companies to create cutting-edge occupant experiences in Unreal Engine for HUDs and HMDs.

Our Vision for next-gen HMI
Transparent Displays, such as HUDs and HMDs, are an emerging megatrend and a new, greenfield content paradigm. Every transparent surface becomes a media channel, linking content contextually to the outside world.

The car is becoming one of our most powerful computing device due to autonomous capability and ADAS features. Not long from now, getting in your car will become like stepping into enhanced reality, where contextual information about the world around you is overlaid on the physical view by transparent displays, giving Superhuman Insight.

In a vehicle, this insight is more valuable than almost anywhere else, due to the constantly changing location, and the need for safety and task-related information.

What is Autoflow?

Autoflow is designed to provide the fastest and best way for vehicle makers to provide their occupants with Superhuman Insight, differentiating their UX and staking a claim to this new content channel.

Autoflow is Spatial Flow's flagship automotive product, empowering OEM and Tier 1 companies to create cutting-edge next-generation HMIs in Unreal Engine.

It is a full HMI Workflow for transparent display, including AR HUD and HMD. It can be used to create full AR experiences, coupled with AR-HUD or HMD wearables, such as providing in-world route lines, hazard delineation and contextual POI display. It can also create cinematic-quality, realtime 3D instruments with infinite visual states for in-plane HUDs and LED displays.

The runtime has location, head-tracking, and telemetry integration via CAN bus connectivitiy, as well as 3D mapping. A test suite including SiL and HiL provides the capability to test HMI elements. The Unreal plugin unlocks the full power of Unreal to create rich, interactive, cinematic quality symbology and instruments, and deploy to a wide range of platforms. 

See diagram below:
Autoflow Anatomy

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