Set up Datasculpt

How to install and configure the plugin including adding the plugin to your engine folder, enabling it in Unreal, securing the project with API keys, adding a log file data source and and setting up the demo map  to be driven by the data.

Create a Data-driven object in 1 minute

Create a basic data-driven behaviour in under 1 minute! In this video we show you how to set up a map, attach a Datasculpt behaviour block to an object and make it rotate based on some incoming data.

Connect to your Azure IoT Hub

This video shows how to configure Azure-Unreal data flow from end-to-end. It includes setting up a basic virtual device (virtual rPi) and adding it to the Azure IoT Hub, finding the info needed to connect to Datasculpt, and then in Unreal, setting up an Azure API connection with Datasculpt.


We are currently in closed beta. Please get in touch here to get a beta key.

Follow our video tutorial for quick instructions on how to get Datasculpt installed. DS Unreal plugin is an engine plugin so once it is installed it is available for every project. 

Datasculpt handles the following types of data:

Live: This is data coming in from a live source such as an IoT device or external API. Data can be changed after packaging since it is remotely managed. Useful for providing an application with constantly updating data.

Logged: This is data stored in a log file such as a file (e.g. CSV) or a Database. Files are embedded locally in the Datasculpt Plugin and are packaged with the application. Useful for creating an application with embedded historic data that you want users to analyse.

These can be combined to provide the best of both worlds.

Read more on our Datasculpt Features page

Datasculpt uses SSL encryption for connections both inside the Unreal engine and when connecting to your external data. With Datasculpt Studio (currently in Beta) the editor and the packaged application contain everything needed to make a direct secure connection to your data source without any 3rd party processing or intermediate services. Everything is self-contained within Unreal. 

Read more on our Datasculpt Features page

Yes, Datasculpt is designed to combined multiple data sources. These can also be of different types e.g. CSV and API.

Read more on our Datasculpt Features page

We currently have connectivity to Azure IoT Hub. We are working on connectors for other leading APIs for Digital Twin data. If you have a particular API you want to connect to, why not get in touch - we are always looking for feedback on the most in-demand APIs to help and may be able to prioritise development - we may even be working on it already.

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