Spatial Flow provides a full range of development and training services around Digital Twins and Data Visualization to enable you to get the outcomes you need as quickly as possible.

Composite image of some JSON data on the left, and a diagram of a data icon connected to an Unreal icon by an arrow.


Many organisations have complex data storage and capture systems. We develop custom Datasculpt connectors to provide integration with Unreal and leverage the power of Datasculpt.

A timelapse photo of a motorway at night time with streaks of headlights and tailights making lines where the lanes are.


Where features are on our development roadmap but you need them urgently, we can fast-track the development of the feature to ensure it is available as soon as possible.

Photo of a computer and keyboard with a tablet next to it - on the tablet screen is a robot arm with graphs next to it.


Our Digital Twin app development service allows organisations who do not have in-house skills to use Unreal or Datasculpt to deliver the applications they need rapidly. See our 'path to independence' section below to understand our ethos.


We provide 1-to-1 or group online training to help you use Datasculpt and Unreal for exactly what you need. 

Image of Unreal Editor with x-ray robot arm model in the viewport.


We can help you import, prepare and configure your CAD models and scenes to be data driven using Datasculpt.

Image of Unreal Blueprints Editor showing some nodes including a Datasculpt Blueprint node


Sometimes organisations need unique components which are not on the roadmap. We develop custom Datasculpt behaviours and data transforms for specific projects.

Path to Independence

Many organisations need a solution quickly, but also want a path to take that solution forward in-house if the project gains traction, perhaps through training or building a dedicated team. We want to empower you with the tools to create for yourself, in-house. This is the path to independence:

  1. APP DEVELOPMENT - We build the app to your requirements using Unreal and Datasculpt.
  2. SUPPORT & DEV - We support and develop the app for you for as long as you need.
  3. TRANSFER -When you want to have more in-house control, we transfer the project to you, set you up with the tools and provide any further integrations you need. 
  4. TRAIN -  We train your team in using Datasculpt and Unreal to build your own digital twins.
  5. SUPPORT - We provide ongoing support to your team to take full control of development in-house, but still be able to fallback to us for any knotty challenges in integration, customisation or app development.
  6. REVERT - Circumstances change. If you need to, you can revert to us managing and developing the app again at any time.

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